27 Apr

Mallory 2011

A quick review…..

The weather is good… the track resurfaced the only thing that could cause me grief is the lack of breakfast or the dodgy 4 plate clutch….

Just 2 laps and it starts to slip… the red flag comes out as one of the new boys decides to test the tarmac’s hardness… I roll the bike in knowing that the clutch will die in another lap. There is a restart of the session and it manages 2 laps before all drive is lost. The problem is that the first scooter race is only 15 minutes away and this is not enough time to change it properly.

So race 2 becomes my ‘practise’. Starting 16th I get to 4th but now have another issue. Half way down the straight the motor dies.. its almost like fuel starvation.. I know this cannot be as these areas have been addressed. So what is it? Also the motor will not pull below around 7ooorpm. Trying to drive off the slow corners is becoming a nightmare. The race lasts 8 laps and due to Guy Topper going off the circuit I get a 3rd.

Thankfully Charley has taken the bike for setup and the new 5 plate proto clutch. Hopefully Pembrey will get me back to the front.. we will wait and see. Its a very high speed track. It may suit the little 90SS ! 🙂

Thanks to Sticky @ www.stickyfeatures@sky.com

for the use of this image… hopefully he will give me some more 😉

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