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6 Aug

Plc Corse

This came to my attention recently and thought it was definately worth bringing to the smallframe fans attention.

Plc design and fabricate high quality parts for smallframe vespas in general. The very nice engine mount posted earlier (here) is a Plc designed part.

Below is the 036sps Plc Corse Clutch system

The unit has been thoroughly tested in the ESC championship in Germany with excellent results. Comprising of cnc’d components made from ergal and using the ‘green’ carbon type plates it already ticks all the boxes

It comes complete with holding and extracting tools as shown below.

For more details contact PLC on

Arrived just yesterday.. this looks quality from the beginning. As you would expect its very nicely engineered. The body is of an alloy, spring is coated but most of all it has seperate compression and rebound damping.. this means basically I have to re-learn how to set-up suspension! 🙂

My first concern was that the reservoir seen on the back of the shock may not clear the PT Charley Edmonds exhaust pipe.. its close!… but it does fit.

I have treated the reservoir with some heat reflctive material to be safe. Of course in a road application the user wouldnt have this problem as most exhaust pipes exit before the shock and not after like mine does.

Preload is adjustable as well as compression and rebound damping all on seperate controls. This gives me much more chance of fine tuning the damper to each circuit wet or dry. However it will take time to find the settings on the damping though preload is generally setup at home in the workshop. For the road the preload adjustment is a nice touch for those with a pillion, or maybe carrying lots of rally type gear.. or simply if you are a big person and need more springing!

I have set the pre-sag to what I think and will fine tune on the day.

Compression and rebound controls..


Again many thanks to the team at Scooter Center.. lets see how it performs!