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Cooling the brake is vital. Having warped drums and discs over the years I realised a duct was required. Just as I begun making one the PLC duct arrived on the market. That cooled the disc but not the caliper. AF Parts designed the first duct which covers part of the caliper but the latest one I’ve fitted is a bit more comprehensive. It’s designed and made by a friend of mine and at the moment it’s only at the prototype stage. Once it’s finalised I’ll post a link for you guys to purchase if you so desire.


Test fitting Top one is the prototype…. Middle is the PLC and the AF Parts is the last one. Finished , ready for testing.

So with the bike prepped and running it was off to the show to join Team Vespa with the legends that are Norrie Kerr, Mark Green and Dave Delanely displaying the 90ss inline. Great weekend!


With Norrie Kerr and Mark Green.


With Mark Green.




And a quick start up of the bike….