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Just arrived… air scoop to cool the brake disc on PK fork.

Up till now these were only available for the left sided fork used in Italy from the Piaggio Zip Auto.. here in the Uk we are not allowed to change forks and so PLC have stepped in and here we are.

Supplied unpainted so its easy to colour it as you choose.

Contact PLC for more details.

24 Feb

A few changes

Not entirely sure what this year holds for me.. work is taking priority. However a few meetings here and there should be possible..

I want to head back to Elvington and run the mile as planned last year (but the event was cancelled. ( see previous post).

So.. a few upgrades… one is the re fitting of the upgraded mappable ignition.

Available from Charlie Edmonds at Performance Tuning. It works in conjunction with the Varitronic/Vespatronic ignition.

There are various outputs for various ancillaries.. shown is the shift light which can be set to flash at any given rpm.

Below is the mapping unit itself.

This box is a special upgraded unit for my bike.. so thanks Charlie.

I have been using a shift light on my vespa since 2009. I find it easier to use than a rev counter. The led can  be ordered in various sizes.. shown fitted is the large version. Its 26mm in OD. Will test that first. I have the 10mm option fitted up and ready to go if need be.

So… further work tomorrow.. 🙂