8 Feb

Rebuild post Lydden 09 crash

Well you may have seen the video by now. It did hurt! After the incident the bike needed some repairs and some new handlebars (or so I thought). tuned vespa 90 ssI contacted scootrs who kindly sponsored me two sets of reproduction 90ss bars. The quality was excellent and with some modifications I make for race use one set are now painted and built ready to fit in case of a similar incident. The other are spare and somehow Charlie Edmonds repaired the original set for me which are now back on the bike. New stiffer engine mounts were fitted from Greg Claus at Claus studios  as I felt  vespa racingthe scoot was moving at the rear on turn in. And so with the bike back from the body shop and my good friend Joe on the repairs (www.brewstermotors.co.uk) it was time for the rebuild. As you can see the bike awaits its headset i the pic but this is an amazing repair considering the whole side was damaged. Very pleased with how it turned out. The next step was some new graphics and fit the bars. Also some trim for the legshields to try to help protect a little.

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