7 Dec

Just arrived !

Just arrived today back from the powdercoaters is this new smallframe vespa stand.

It allows the motor to be dropped down for a complete strip without removing it from the frame. There is no more fitting axle stands or bricks 🙂 to jack the bike up.. its all done for you here..

You simply stand forward of the bike and with its own stand folded up you position the new stand below the stand feet on the chassis. Then using the handle and rolling the bike forward it simply props itself up.

The dimensions were taken from my exsisting race stand with some improvements so it will fit any smallframe vespa.

You can contact ‘breezer’ on the smallframe forum if you would like one made.

4 Responses to “Just arrived !”

  1. Nigel Davies says:

    Could you tell me the address of the smallframe site as would like to join please.
    I’ve got a primavera that I want to make into a ss90 replica and need all the help I can get with the project.

  2. Spiro says:

    I know this was from 3 years ago, but does anyone still makes this stand?

    Many thanks

  3. Tony says:

    Yes… go to the smallframe vespa forum in the uk.. ask for Breezer. He makes them

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