5 Apr

Close season tinkering 2

At the end of race 2 at Donington the front brake did not work at all.. I looked into maybe replacing the master cylinder with a larger one or even going full hydraulic (which I really didnt want to do due to aesthetic reasons). After speaking to several remote cylinder manufacturers the repsonse seemed to be that the 11mm typhoon m/c had enough volume to work but would probably require a reservoir to keep the adjustment up.

So… thats what I did… 🙂

The unit is seen here externally for bleeding purposes and is now all fitted back in it correct ‘under mudguard’ position. The lever feels good, as it should be.. so time will tell.

In the meantime new rims arrived from Sip. These are 2.1 tubeless which I am told run 100% central as per original. Not had time to measure them up yet but I have to say they are very well made indeed.


Tyres fitted to rims a checked on the bike. It does appear that the new sip rims run central when I measured the front one. Tyre profile is slightly different but no big deal. All looking good so far 🙂

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  1. This post answered a question I had lingering, thanks!

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