26 Mar

Rebuild for 2011

Its all systems go…

The motor has totally been rebuilt for the new season… some new parts/bearings etc and some minor tweaks to the clutch system. The plan is for a 5 plate Falc based clutch shortly. The problem with the smallframe as you may know is the lack of room inside the motor for more plates. There are many clutch systems out there using 4 or even 5 plates..Some clutch systems move the wheel off center. I am not really a fan of this as it upsets the handling of the bike.. Charley is on the case though and I hope to have a 5 plate  working by mid season.

There are no pics of the motor build (sorry max :)) for obvious reasons but I am hoping to get some better images of the bike up as and when its finished.

The crash damage from Cadwell has been repaired though the paint isnt quite as I would want it.. but at the end of the day it is a race bike.

There is also the issue of the offset front wheel caused by the px disc assembly.. I have spent hours and hours on this problem and have found a simple fix which I will test hopefully soon. 🙂

More news next week when i hope to have it all finished..

2 Responses to “Rebuild for 2011”

  1. Ian - shaggy says:

    Cool stuff Tony , see you at Mallory park on the 8th 🙂 …….I see the RS24/10 not on the scoot yet . Good luck with the Falc clutch mods matey

  2. Maxiboy says:

    Looking good Tony. 😉

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