16 Jan

Pics from over the season and over the years.


I was asked to add a gallery section and so here we are.

Lydden Hill in Kent around 1999. Grp 3 135cc et3 barrel. Ciro Affronti in pursuit on his Grp 4 Lambretta.

Again 98/99 . This is the esses as they were at mallory. You didnt lift for this series of corners… well you don’t on a 90ss 😉 . The circuit has changed now to slow you down. The bike was 135cc, mappable ignition, cr gearbox, rotary valve with around 16hp.

This was Radar at Ty Croes in Anglesey. The circuit has been redeveloped now. Behind is Phil Braithwaite. An excellent rider and friend.. we always seemed to be close. The bike is the iron barrel 135 still as above.

about 99 at lydden

Chasing Bob West through the gooseneck at Cadwell in 2000. The motor was now the 18hp malossi with mappable ignition. This was the start of my clutch troubles !

First weekend on the newly named ‘Green Hornet’ by Richard Smith RnB on Scooterotica forum. Such an eye-opener for me.. going from 22hp of the fabrizi 150 to 32.5hp of the Charley Edmonds tuned motor was mind numbing. This weekend I ran suspension settings from the old set up.. I realised very quickly it needed a re-think and I would have to change my style to cope with the power and to get the bike to launch out of corners. The bike still manged a 6th place and third fastest lap 🙂

I think this is Mallory this year 2010. Disc brake is fitted and more comfortable on the bike.

I remember this moment very clearly as I thought I was coming off. Thats Phil Braithwaite on my inside. Hot in pursuit is Mark Green on his gp3 90ss and he is the man I have to beat as I am championship hunting that year.You used to run flat out in top on this corner. I wasnt going to roll off that throttle but Phil was on the inside..

Working on the proto fabrizi motored machine. The bike wears gp4 decals but I wasnt scoring points. Rotary valved… no weld and with around 22hp.

Getting scared up the mountain at Cadwell… the bike in grp4 colours with the malossi 135 motor fitted.

Mallory 2010. Finishing 3rd behind Guy Topper’s grp 6 and with Charley winning on his grp4.

Getting chased by young Josh Brown on his Zip Sp at Cadwell.

Barn corner at cadwell 09… this is where I crashed in sept 2010!

First build in green livery jan 08

Rebuild after Lydden high-side in 09

Gerards 2010.. pic by Kieran Doherty

being posed for a pic after racing at cadwell in 09.. 2nd place

Thanks to Lee Hollick from FAB Sc for this image

cadwell 2010 with the rear wheel issues.

Mallory at the start of the 2010 season

Thanks to Russ Lee at www.sport-pics.co.uk for many of the above images.

This pic below was from racing at the Isle of Man’s Jurby circuit possibly about 2003/4. The fella in the pic was a keen smallframe enthusiast from Italy. I believe he worked with Dean Orton but a forget his name now.

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  1. Maxiboy says:

    Great pics Tony!

  2. Tony says:

    grazie mille max !

  3. Adam Collier says:

    quality photos Tony…
    keep up the good work on the track, and this website…….

  4. Will Reber says:

    Hi Tony, Glad to see your keeping blog up to date, Like the Pictures – See you soon.

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