19 Nov

Cadwell Reflection

Thinking back to how wet it was on sunday ‘reflection’ is probably the right word to use ! But although I actually only lasted 2 laps on race 1 and 2 due to the rear wheel and decided to test the tarmac in race 3 on sunday I feel generally happy about the whole weekend. The bike ran well and the clutch at last seems to be sorted. New plate material and increased spring rates coupled to some cheeky modifications may, and I say may have solved the issues.. I hope 🙂

The scoot has been repainted and I’ll post pictures as soon as its back.. the bars will have to be stripped welded and then painted too.. but I’ll do that next week I hope.

Lap time wise.. well only two laps raced in the dry per race.. but my standing start lap from 29th on grid was 2.04 which ok is nearly 6 secs slower than my fastest lap round there but trying to pass so many machines and set a time like that can only bode well for next year.The rear wheel was binding too which would maybe account for at least a second over the whole lap.

Thanks to Eric ‘Dark Angel’ from the BHR forum for the group shot below of all the Bsso racers. This link here takes you to Eric’s photostory of the Cadwell weekend.

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