14 Mar

Update malossi grp3/4

The motor is now complete and running. Rebuilt to original tune spec but with some nice upgrades to the transmission and ignition to be raced this year by a newcomer to the sport.

The cush drive system has been changed from a solid welded type basket to a new DRT cush system shown below.

This new Drt system utilises the standard pressed steel basket but of course now gives a sprung cush drive that will absorb the shocks from fast gearchanging expected on the track.

Another upgrade has been the Vespatronic Ignition available from Cambridge Lambretta. This is an auto advance/retard unit which also can be used to charge a battery and run lights etc for the road. Fans are easily replaceable by simply undoing 4 screws. Vital on a race bike in case of accidents!

Piston has been replaced as well as all bearings and seals.. Clutch has been upgraded with a 4 plate carbon from unit using the Xl2 base but with uprated springs..available from SIP at a pretty good price..we’ll see if this setup is strong enough for this feisty motor.. 😉

So here we are below.. motor temporarily fitted to the Hornet for ignition set up before being delivered to its new owner.. jetting has been set up rich until its all settled in and ignition will need a dyno session to determine its best setting.


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