19 Feb

Race 2 Mallory 09 “oops”

Well its race two. After second in race one (read older post) so I want to at least equal this if I can. The lights go green and off we go again. Slightly better start and upon the exit to Gerards somehow i’m in second. Thanks to Charlie for this much power 🙂 . Edwinas and already that Mr Edmonds has a good lead..that Lambretta flies. I can hear Stuart very close and I’m looking forward to the battle ahead. He will pass me I’m sure throught the hairpin/bus stop complex because I’m rubbish through there compared to him.. So I allow for it..I’m happier on the high speed corners where I can use the natural gyro forces to help the bike grip. Stuart flies by and I tuck in to overtake him on the straight. I do so and Gerards approaches flat out in top..the quick confidence ‘lift’ just before you tug the left bar and the little Vespa says “here we go” and flops down low into the corner. Now I don’t know what happened here.. maybe I was off line, maybe the tyres simply werent hot enough but here I am two wheel drifting on the exit towards the grass. “Oh it will be ok ” I figure and I keep the throttle pinned..its not.. the bike just carries on sliding..any second I’m coming off here unless I stand it up. I hang on to the last second and as the grass hits the tyres I strighten it up and keep the throttle open. No way am I coming off at this speed and somehow after a few swerves I re-enter the track just before the Edwinas braking point.

 Also I’m still ahead of Stu.. how did that happen? I think he was scared for me to be honest 🙂 .. anyway Edwinas is here and I know I’m coming off. The tyres must have mud on them. I scrub off more speed to try and save it. The spectators will be watching, knowing what I do and thinking the same..I can still hear them cheer after my track re-entry from the grass..”thats nice..they will be laughing as I bin it now though” …But NO.. it grips. I can’t believe it. I’m taking the corner extra slow to make sure.. And so back to business. Charlie is ahead and flying and I’m trying to maintain the gap. The laps go by.I’ve no idea how close Stu is.. he must be close for sure and he’ll be planning to attack my weak spot at the bus stop. So my defence is a tight line..too close and oh dear..I’ve hit the ‘mushrooms’! The scoot launches into the air and hits the ground hard. The motor cuts and I’m looking to see why. I try a quick re start but nothing..looking down I see the carb is hanging off. The impact was so hard the carb actually hit the inside of the panel. Ooops… its freewheel time down the straight and I’ve gone from second to eighth in one mistake.

Thanks to Scotty for the pictures and Lee from Fab Sc for the video above and Tony Cassidy for the one below..

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