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Bit of a back injury has stalled progress and definately no racing at the moment…. however… maybe a sprint meeting is on the horizon?

19 Apr

Trip to Italy

Well… the bike is delayed due to parts so I decided to not race until later on in the year. I have an important time for work coming up and so It was best to chill out.. get the bike how I want and see what happens.

So… what to do.. How about a trip to meet Matteo from Duepercento and Lauro from Falc racing in Italy!

The plan was hatched and my friends Max and Martin were well up for the trip so off we went.

Matteo met us from the airport , showed us around and headed to his workshops to check his two VPI Vespas.

The three of us were lost for words… the machines were incredible. Much time has been spent on chassis development and getting the little scoots to turn very quick on the tight tracks they race on in the VPI series.

Suspension is stage 6 but reworked by racer Tomas to get the best out of it.

Motors in the two ‘Due’ machines are Falc.. one is ‘classic’ class, air cooled but case reeds allowed. The other is in the open class… watercooled and using the powervalve Falc cylinder.

This is the ‘classic’ class Vespa

and the ‘open’ class.

Of course I wanted to try the bike for size and I was pleased I could touch the floor….. just!

Later we visited Tomas himself… his machines and workshop were again of such I high standard it took out breath away. I will try to get some pictures of place soon. But the ‘prototipi’ he had we simply staggering. Smallframe motors with transverse disc valves.. hybrid motors utlising motorcycle crankshafts and powervalves… awesome stuff 🙂

That night a few beers and wines were required to calm the brain a little 🙂

This is Tomas and me in the local ‘english’ pub !

The next day it was off to meet Lauro Caforio at his workshops.

Again more astounding sights. The sheer amount of development coming out of Italy through companies like Falc and Duepercento is mind blowing

This is Lauro and me sitting on his famous sprint bike ‘Daisy’

As you know the Falc barrel/crank/clutch is the heart of my bike. Having seen the latest upgrades to various components makes me want to start again!

After many hours and a fantastic Italian lunch with Lauro and his wife Anna (thankyou so much) it was time to head back to the workshop di Matteo and some work on the ‘baby falc’ that sits in his ‘classic’ machine

Of course this was after another amazing meal prepared by Matteo’s wife Rafaella.. Italian hospitality is the best in the world for sure! 🙂

I want to thank Matteo firstly for making all this happen, his hospitality was second to none.. thanks to Lauro and Anna for taking so much time and their hospitality too… thanks to my friend Max for helping with the translation (it was amazing that I managed to talk egt with lauro tho more or less on my own!) and finally thanks to Martin who without we couldnt have gone at all.

Thanks mate!

Pic below is Matteo and me on the classic class Vespa

Ps… race engine mounts for smallframes from Duepercento

Very nice and will be going into my motor soon